Once again, presidential aspirant and LP (sometimes called the Lunatic Party) standard bearer Noynoy Aquino has been called “crazy” and this time, by no other than Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales himself. And no, the archbishop did not accompany the statement with a medical report.

Archbishop Rosales was actually referring to Noynoy’s threats of calling for yet another People Power Revolution should he lose the upcoming elections. Based on the surveys, he says, only fraud could make him lose.  The archbishop responded by not only called the statement “crazy”, but also added that it was “irresponsible”.

Inquirer.Net writes,

He said the situation in 1986, when Filipinos turned up in massive numbers to oust a dictator was different from the country’s current condition.

“Why inject that, why infuse that into the present situation?” he said. “Remember at that time there was a dictator and the dictator was there with no real credible election, only referendum, and it was as long as 20 years. Good heavens. Do you repeat that? No, come on, let’s use our head; these are two different things.”

It seems Noynoy has started believing his own propaganda. If Noynoy only has SWS and Pulse Asia surveys to back up his claims of certainty in victory, then he could be in for the biggest disappointment of his life. Perhaps bigger than the disappointment from realizing his receding hairline.

As we’ve discussed in this earlier post, SWS and Pulse Asia, supposedly-esteemed and credible institutions are apparently directed “behind-the-scenes” by relatives and close associates of Noynoy Aquino, namely Rafael Cojuangco Lopa and Antonio “Tonyboy” Cojuangco.

Senatorial aspirant Kit Tatad seems to have picked up on this issue and has come to media as quoted from this article:

Lopa, according to Tatad, was director and president of Pulse Asia until last year when he resigned to camouflage the firm’s support for Aquino’s bid for the presidency, while Cojuangco bankrolled the setting up of Pulse Asia in 1990.
Tatad said it is unusual that former Public Works secretary Jose de Jesus (under the Aquino administration) is an incorporator and director in both Pulse Asia and the SWS.
This suggests that there was a plan from the beginning by the Aquinos to control public opinion polling in the country,” he said.
Frankly, we wouldn’t be surprised.