Critics have mindlessly thrown around the term “traditional politician” to describe Noynoy Aquino’s leading rival, Manny Villar. What’s interesting to note however is that Noynoy’s camp has had the bad habit of questioning Villar’s moves and motives without knowing that they are implicating themselves as well.

First, they questioned Villar by asking him how he plans on recouping his “investment” (i.e., his campaign expenses). True, Villar has spent more than Noynoy on political advertisements. Lasy time I checked Villar was at 800 million while Noynoy was only at 500 million. Still, given Villar’s awesome financial capabilities, I don’t think he’d need to “recoup his investment”.

This incessant need of Noynoy to villainize Villar has backfired more than once. For example, Noynoy questioning Villar’s funding only prompted critics to question Noynoy as well where he got his funds. The answer didn’t put Noynoy in a positive light at all as it would later on be revealed that he got his funding from Enrique Razon, one of GMA’s more notorious cronies.

Now, Noynoy supporters have the gall to call Villar a “traditional politician”. Well, based on my understanding of the term “traditional politician”, I’d say someone who comes from an oligarchy and disbands alliances when he has nothing left to gain from the other would fit more into that description. For starters, Noynoy practically inherited his candidacy from his parents. Before Cory died, even his partymates didn’t even bother looking at his direction when searching for their next standard bearer. And did you know that the Aquinos were staunch supporters of GMA until 2005 and that Cory appointed Ampatuan Sr. as OIC mayor back in the 70s?

Then, there’s the issue of Villar using his brother’s death to gain sympathy votes. What about Noynoy who was catapulted onto the pedestal because of the death of his mother? When Cory died, people wore yellow ribbons as a sign of sympathy. Then all of a sudden, wearing one, or any yellow-colored item for that matter now meant you’re a supporter of Noynoy.

Finally, the worst accusation against Villar would have to be the land-grabbing issue supposedly raised by Bulacan farmers whose cause is being “fought for” by Noynoy Aquino. Oh, please. Has must we go over the details of Hacienda Luisita once more?

All that said, ask yourself once more: Who really is the traditional politician?