Vice Presidential aspirant Jejomar Binay has just confirmed that he had previously engaged in an extra-marital affair that almost destroyed his marriage to Dr. Elenita Binay.  He described the bringing up of the issue as “pinaka-black na propaganda.”

“I made a mistake and I was sorry for that. I already atoned for my sin,” he would later tell ANC’s The Rundown on Friday evening.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble Mr. Binay, but owing up to a transgression (however noble the act may seem) doesn’t change the fact that the transgression took place in the first place. That said, labeling the issue as “black propaganda” doesn’t mean one can easily just dismiss it.  Besides, for it to qualify as black propaganda, it would have to have been false, which it obviously isn’t.

Notwithstanding, why is this startling discovery of great importance then? One could argue that the personal affairs of a candidate has nothing to do with his capabilities as a leader, but then again, his personal affairs are a reflection of his moral character and integrity. The apparent open-secret has been so arrogantly and sloppily conducted that it almost reminds me of GMA’s nonchalance when bombarded with the series of scandals she involved herself in.

Jejomar Binay is the running mate Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP) Presidential bet Joseph Ejercito Estrada who is also well known to have many mistresses.

Neighbors of the unnamed woman say that she is currently abroad.

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