The latest Pulse Asia survey conducted reveals that leading presidential aspirant Noynoy Aquino has widened his lead and racked up an additional 2% of supportive voters. In light of this, the LP camp has arrogantly claimed that an Aquino win is definitely guaranteed.

Should this be believed? Well, not necessarily. For one, the recent lawsuit filed against two major survey firms by another presidential candidate would give us a glimpse at the apparent fraud going on within the survey firms. Senator Gordon claims that the leading figure in the survey, which is Noynoy Aquino, could have “sponsored” the survey expenses.

This claim definitely sits well with the fact that Tony Boy Cojuangco, cousin of Noynoy is a major stakeholder of Pulse Asia and that Raffa Lopa, cousin of Noynoy’s chief-of-staff, is president of Pulse Asia. It seems as if influence-peddling is a trait passed on every generation of the Cojuangcos. Assuming then, without conceding, that the surveys are in fact rigged, what are the implications of this?

Well, for one, the survey results could definitely result in the elction phenomena “trending”, where people are swept into jumping in the bandwagon of voting for candidates who’re leading in the surveys. This doesn’t help people in becoming responsible voters because the platforms of the candidates end up being neglected.

Second, and more importantly, wouldn’t this raise qualms against Noynoy’s political and moral integrity?