Economists are often perceived by the people as highly intellectual men who possess the capability to pull this country out of shambles. True enough, Wharton School MBA graduate vice presidential wannabe Mar Roxas is fully equipped with the brains and the experience to ressurect our down-trodden economy. But the question is, at what cost?

If Mar Roxas said, “I will eradicate poverty and raise standards of living, but 1,000,000 people have to die,” would you still vote for him?  After all,  even if a million people were to die, this would only account for barely 1% of the total 90 million population of the Philippines.

What happens here? Well, if we deny a million people of their basic necessities, they would die, and this would consequently decrease the population and increase income per capita. Problem solved!


Well, you see, the problem with economists such as Roxas, lies in the very fact that they’re, well, economists. Economics is a highly theoretical school of thought that concerns itself with maximizing the efficiency of resources, resources that include human beings, such as yourself. Your economic value would only measure up to what you can contribute to the economy. More often than not, economics often see the human being as an expendable commodity, a necessary sacrifice to attain economic stability, if you may.

Let’s take a look China, a country with perhaps one of the worst human violations track records. China has let its citizens’ welfare take a back seat to its growing economy. For example, thousands were evicted from their houses to pave way for construction of infrastructure for the Olympics. Second, barely 2% of the national budget is allocated for education.

What does any of this have to do with Mar Roxas?

Well, let’s take a look the E-VAT Law co-authored and pushed into law by Roxas, which put an additional 12% cost on all of our basic necessities. The poorest of the poor are now denied of access to basic necessities, which is evidenced by the increase in the percentage of people who suffer from involuntary hungers, if SWS is to be believed.

We end this with a simple question: are you ready to sacrifice the life of this boy perchance Mar Roxas wins the upcoming vice presidential race?