The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, also referred to as the CBCP, has raised moral qualms against Villar’s endorsers, namely, Dolphy, Willy Revillame and Manny Pacquiao whom they called womanizers. Pacquiao, a married man, was recently embroiled in a controversy over a rumored affair with a starlet. Dolphy has children with a number of women. Revillame, who’s been married several times, was accused by his ex-wife Floralice Almoro of being violent toward her and their son.

Loren Legarda, known as a staunch feminist, was apparently pressured by the CBCP to denounce her running mate’s endorsers. Legarda, being true to her standards, replied,

“Who am I to judge? I do not know their personal lives. They are the endorsers chosen by my presidential candidate. Who’s endorsing me is a smaller celebrity, Sarah Geronimo. She believes in my advocacy for women and the environment. Whoever the endorsers my presidential candidate got, I respect that.”

This only shows a double standard of the bishops together with Inquirer and ABS-CBN when it comes to their favored candidate and his most formidable rival. What about the number one endorser and sister of Noynoy, Kris? What kind of life is she living? She has been romantically linked with far too many married men and admitted publicly to have had STD passed on to her by a married live-in partner, Joey Marquez. So what standards were they talking about? It’s more like a double standard that is swallowed hook, line, and sinker by the supposed leading media group.

The hardcore Noynoy supporters would probably attempt to refute this by saying that the media would have nothing to gain for supporting Noynoy and that they are merely doing a fine and clean job of disseminating information to the country.

Oh please.

On the contrary, Noynoy is their candidate in exchange for the renewal of the Mile Long property that was a sweetheart deal that they got during the term of Cory and due to expire in 2011. When Kris cried on national TV while declaring support for Noynoy “if” he wanted to run — she actually dictated to the country who could be the next president. This was pounced upon by ABS CBN (Kris’ station) and Inquirer saw the great opportunity. Inquirer and ABS CBN are the king makers and they shall rule our country.

As saddening as it is to admit, the Lopezes and Prietos can dictate what happens to the Philippines. In 2001 they kicked out a legitimate president. In 2004 they closed their eyes on cheating that transpired in the election. Now they ignored all issues about their favored candidate and twisted report to these candidates’ advantage. Think about this — when Lopezes and Prietos are kingmakers, they wield the mighty arms of their media outfits to influence people’s opinion to meet their goals.

In this country, it seems as if even the media and the church fail to uphold justice and equality, which leads us to wonder, is there still really hope for the Philippines?