1987, marks the year of a series of coup attempts to overthrow the Aquino Administration. Political unrest flourished and even an assassination attempt almost ended the life of now presidential aspirant Noynoy Aquino. On August 28, 1987, members of the Reformed Armed Forces ambushed the car of Noynoy at the corner of JP Rizal leading to the Malacanang palace. Malacanang would later release a statement placing the number of casualties at 3. The three have been identified as members of Noynoy’s security force.

End of story? Not quite.

Fastforward to 2010,  Noynoy Aquino is confronted with another issue, this time one that questions his moral integrity. This story begins with the LP cronies printing about a million copies of comics, depicting the alleged heroism of Noynoy in defending his mother, then President Cory Aquino, during the 1987 coup attempts.

The authenticity of the marvelous claims made by the comics were soon enough disputed. And the sudden disappearance of Joseph Galleta, the only one of Aquino’s body guards to survive, did nothing to dispel the growing unrest. During the ambush, Joseph Galleta ended up saving Noynoy’s life by taking the bullet meant for Noynoy and consequently losing his right eye.

Charlie Manalo of the Tribune writes,

Joseph Galleta, a member of the so-called “Yellow Army,” has secured himself and his family after he was informed that Aquino was looking for him to prevent him from disclosing in public that after saving the LP bet’s life on Aug. 28, 1987, he was neglected and was dropped like a hot potato by Noynoy and the Aquino-Cojuangcos.

A neighbor of Galleta, requesting anonymity, revealed that Noynoy’s former security aide became “the subject of a manhunt” after he started talking against Aquino, particularly his ordeal following that fateful morning that completely changed his life.

“When Noynoy ran for the presidency, Joseph started criticizing him (Aquino) and bared the lies the LP presidential bet was feeding the public, one of which was Aquino’s claim that Joseph left him to fend for himself and this, after he saved his (Noynoy’s) life,” Galleta’s neighbor told a select group of journalists.

“It was all lies that Noynoy came up with, such as his having given his former security aide, Galleta, housing and livelihood. The truth is, after Galleta became an invalid, he was made a messenger in Hacienda Luisita because he was no longer of any use to Noynoy and the Cojuangco-Aquinos,” he said.