Ask an LP supporter about Noynoy’s involvement with affairs of Hacienda Luisita,  and you’re sure to be presented with an answer such as this: “It’s old news. Move on! Stop looking back because it’s time move forward!”True story! Try it. My mother gave me an almost identical answer.

It seems as if people nowadays have been mindset to think that “old news” can easily be dismissed as irrelevant. And while such is the case in a lot of issues (i.e., Wouldn’t we all just want to forget how Kris Aquino tearfully confessed she acquired an STD from Joey Marquez ON NATIONAL TELEVISION?), the same argument can’t be used on Hacienda Luisita.

When the Cojuangcos purchased 6443 hectares of land in 1957, who knew that their even-then questionable ownership of land would culminate in a massacre of farmers almost half-century later?

Joy Pascual writes, “…the acquisition of Hacienda Luisita in August 1957 was through a P5.9 million loan from Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) along with a loan of $2.1 million from Manufacturer’s Trust Company of New York and Chase Manhattan Bank in the United States. The GSIS loan was explicitly tied to the condition and a clear directive that the lands would be distributed to the agricultural workers.”

Needless to say, the land was never distributed to the farmers despite CARP and it’s successor CARPER being passed into law.

So in conclusion, yes, Hacienda Luisita is very much old news, but it does not diminish the gravity of the situation. It is and will very much be alive until someone properly addresses the issue.

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