A bewildered Noynoy wonders where he went wrong

A comic (in more ways than one) strip features Noynoy and Archbishop Quevedo has been circulating the world electronic mail as of the recent. The accompanying text reads,

Noynoy asked Archbishop Quevedo for his endorsement but the bishop replied that the church cannot endorse a signatory of the Reproductive Health Bill. The presidential candidate countered, “pero bishop, I signed it without knowing what the content was.” Quevedo then said, “then why do you want to be president when you don’t know what you’re doing?”

Now, if this were to any other person, then we at Tamang Katotohanan would not have even bother posting this, but there seems to be a fiber of truth in all this, given Noynoy’s known political competency (or lack of it).

What do you think?