WONDERS WHAT MAR ROXAS HAS DONE FOR ROXAS CITY (CAPIZ)? is a relatively small Facebook group with about a hundred members that raises a question only few have dared to ask.

Before VP wannabe Mar Roxas was appointed Secretary of Trade and Industry by then-president Erap which propelled his political career into the Senate, he assumed the office of the congressman for the first district of Capiz for 8 years, spanning from 1992 to 2000.

What has he done for Roxas City in the eight years that he was in congress?

It is a valid question to ask because a candidate’s track record can give voters a glimpse of what to expect from him perchance he wins. Moreover, not everything meant to detract supporters can easily be dismissed as black propaganda.

The province of Capiz has produced a president (Manuel Roxas), two senators (Gerry and Mar), and a congressman (Dinggoy). One would think that with such a force in national politics, in such a long span of time, Capiz by now would at least be in the same league as Cebu or Davao.

However, one look at the Roxas City Airport with its 1.890-meter runway, compared to Puerto Princesa’s international airport with its 2,600-meter runway, will convince anyone of the former’s long neglect.

The group moderator has also posted,

“Ever wonder why SM or Mc Donalds can’t open in Capiz? Hmmmmm Guess who owns Gaisano and Jollibee franchise in Capiz.”

Dare I say political opportunism at its finest?

To visit the Facebook group, visit: http://www.facebook.com/pages/WONDERS-WHAT-MAR-ROXAS-HAS-DONE-FOR-ROXAS-CITY-CAPIZ/379006570699