ABS-CBN and The Philippine Daily Inquirer were both quick to headline that leading presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino has graced the cover of popular publication, TIME magazine. Noynoy himself has lauded the magazine feature as an accomplishment, saying that it’s always a triumph of the Filipino people if one of our countrymen is cited in such publications.

While we recognize that being featured on TIME magazine is definitely something, well, big (for lack of a better word), let’s not forget that big is not always better.

That said, we here at Tamang Katotohanan would like to pose the same question they did in AntiPinoy.Com, So what if Noynoy Aquino is featured on the cover of Time Magazine? Does this automatically make for good publicity?

Not necessarily. After all, even Osama Bin Laden was featured as the cover back in 2001.

Notwithstanding, the article talks about

It’s ironic how critics are quick to throw harpoons at Aquino’s rival, Manny Villar, for supposedly “tweaking” the circumstances of his brother’s death, yet has anyone bothered questioning Noynoy for riding on the sympathy outpour for the death of his mother? When Cory died, people wore yellow and donned yellow ribbons to commemorate both Cory and Ninoy’s heroism. Ingenious, because before the people knew it, wearing yellow now meant you were campaigning for Noynoy. When did “destiny” become the new word for “political opportunism”?

We end this with the same question raised by Time Magazine, can Noynoy really save the Philippines?

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