Liberal Party bets Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas have so far arrogantly dismissed all accusations geared towards their camp as “black propaganda”. And while it may be true that the authenticity of the allegations against them have yet to be proven, we here at Tamang Katotohanan feel like the issues have been inadequately addressed. You know what they say, if there’s smoke, there’s fire. Just because you say something’s not true doesn’t mean, well, that’s it not true! Let’s try to examine each of the issues thrown at these two candidates and try to make sense of it all.

We begin with the fake psychiatric reports circulated around the internet on the supposed deteriorated mental condition of Noynoy Aquino. True, they were proven false, yet Noynoy’s dubious response has only triggered more speculation on the true state of his mental health. Why does he refuse to undergo a psychiatric test if indeed he has nothing to hide? What’s more interesting to note is how several resources have attested to Noynoy’s such as an anonymous classmate from his days at the Ateneo, who wrote,

“Obvious things first, those facts that any of our classmates can confirm if asked. One of these is, as the report says, you have a labile disorder. This is whole truth. Even Fr. Gorospe would be distracted by your drooling during our oral exams. Fr. Ferriols, who made a point of showing he didn’t like you, would make side comments about it that led your classmates to give you the nickname “Cooper,” a reference to Cupertino school where we would teach Catechism to retarded children. I, however, never called you Cooper.”

Add to that the fact that Noynoy himself has admitted that he has gone through several relationships, all of which have failed. Doesn’t that imply anything about his social and interpersonal skills?

Then let’s not forget how a huge chunk of mental disorders are hereditary. That said, the propensity of someone to have a mental disorder is greater when you have a relative who has one too. If it’s not clear to you by now, we were referring to Kris Aquino’s first child, Joshua. Maybe he has more in common with his Uncle Nwooy than we actually know?

His classmate also adds,

“About your smoking marijuana, I also can’t say if that is wholly true. What I do know is that you would try to tag along with a group of students that would hang out with Ma’am Gloria Arroyo. Mga students niya sa Economics. She was always surrounded by bright and handsome students kaya hindi ka pinapansin. Pati si Ma’am Placer, she never gave you the time of day kasi people said you were “medyo weird” and your grades were mababa per her standards. Pero, you still tried to hang out with those guys. Trying hard to belong ba. I know those guys would drink na kasama pa si Miss Rosales na pag lasing na, kumakanta ng Spanish songs in Spanish. They would drink dozens of bottles of beer at Shakey’s Katipunan because Mrs. Ramos (our Spanish teacher in case you don’t remember) owned the restaurant. This group was also known to also smoke joints in the college auditorium, up in the closed space where the spotlights were. So, if you were hanging out with them then, you were probably also smoking marijuana too.”

Of course, we here at Tamang Katotohanan acknowledge that the truth in all this has yet to be verified.

… but at the same time we also recognize that the falsity of these claims has also yet to be proven.