Detractors have consistently insisted that Nacionalista Party presidential bet Manny Villar will be “collecting on his investment” if put into office. While the truth of this has yet to be verified, let us assume without conceding that campaign expenses are indeed “investments” by presidential bets and their respective parties “due for collection after victory”. If so, then wouldn’t this also apply to Noynoy and whoever funds his massive multi-million campaign?

But wait a minute, who funds Noynoy in the first place?

Such was the point raised earlier this month by Jojo Robles of the Manila Standard Today in his editorial “Who funds Noynoy? The article can be read here:

And now, if our sources prove to be correct, one of Noynoy Aquino’s mystery donors has been revealed in the persona of Enrique Razon, owner of ICTSI, which virtually has monopoly over the country’s major ports. According to sources, Razon allegedly “generously” gave Aquino Php 1 billion for campaign expenses and his running mate, VP wannabe Senator Mar Roxas received an amount of Php 500 million.

Of Filipino-Spanish descent, Razon has more-than-once been referred to as the Philippines’ equivalent of Mario Puzo’s Godfather. This is the same Enrique Razon who has found himself involved in the ZTE-NBN scandal with our dearly beloved soon-to-be ex-president Gloria Arroyo.

What does this make of “clean and honest” Noynoy if he associates himself with such stock?

To read more about Enrique Razon’s involvement in the ZTE-NBN scandal, you may read the following article: