They say people with immense amounts of power and money live in a different sense of reality. More often than not, they are disillusioned into believing that they can get away with absolutely everything. When GMA involved herself in the series of scandals she did (Can someone say Hello, Garci?), people just had to ask, “Did she think she was never going to get caught?”

What’s ironic is that constantly being in the limelight and the resulting scrutiny by the public eye should make these individuals more cautious of their affairs. But it seems as if prima donna, Korina Sanchez has yet to learn this lesson, for the latest of Korina’s follies have all taken place within public domain: the internet.

What began as a commentary on a nameless individual, meant to be seen only by the Facebook contacts of ABS CBN news reporter, RG Cruz, would be blown up disproportionately by Korina when she posted an open-letter as a response to this “apparent attack” on her.

Patricio Mangubat of writes, “She virtually described RG Cruz as a relative unknown, a guy with dubious fashion taste and with a cloak and dagger personality.”

And while we’re all entitled to freedom of speech, let’s not forget to set boundaries for etiquette and ethics. Oh, but then again, Korina isn’t exactly known to possess those qualities.

Moreover, let’s not forget how Korina also lambasted Inquirer columnist Conrad de Quiros, accusing him of slandering Mar Roxas, right after he lost the LP nominations to Noynoy. And as if this weren’t enough, she also waged war against Senator Kiko Pangilinan, Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s husband, accusing him of blocking party mate Mar Roxas’ bid as the party’s standard bearer. It seems Korina simply can’t let go of her aspirations to be the country’s first lady, eh?

Hold on a second, do you smell what I smell?

It’s the stench of skeletons, putrefied over the years, freshly set loose from Korina’s closet of indignities. What else is trapped inside, you ask? Should her husband win the vice presidency, I’d say we won’t have to wait for long to find out…

Patricio Mangubat’s thoughts on the issue:

Korina Sanchez’ open letter to RG Cruz: