Just a few years after the scandal involving Korina Sanchez and her maid, another issue bursts out into the public eye. This time around, it was something that could have jeopardized her career and personally speaking, should have ended it all together.

In 2006, Korina Sanchez was suspended by ABS-CBN for one week, covering all her TV and radio programs. She was reprimanded by the network for a breech on their Code of Ethics. The internal memorandum states the reason as a “conflict of interest, several articles that called attention to her activities outside of the company, and an editorial lapse,” when she became a proponent of a firm that produces concerts for the successful musical duo, MYMP.

Clearly, what we see here was a deliberate attempt at going around the rules. Did she think she wouldn’t have been caught? As someone who is consistently in the lime light, she should have been more careful with her dealings and operations. After all, should her husband, Mar Roxas, win the vice presidential race, nothing short of an exemplary role model is expected from her.

Still, as they say, old habits die hard. With this in mind, it gets you into thinking: is Mar Roxas worth the risk Korina Sanchez poses?