The Mar Roxas-Korina Sanchez Wedding of 2009 has been lauded as the country’s Wedding of the Year. Held in in Santo Domingo Church, Quezon City, it was a dizzying spectacle of the elite society and the grandiosely decorated church. In the middle of this clever façade however, was the bride-to-be, no other than Korina Sanchez, whose skeletons in her closet have slowly crept into light.

We go back to the year 2002, when a certain Bernardita Inocencio came public with a shocking revelation. Formerly Korina’s maid, she claimed she was mauled by her employer and then boyfriend Paul Aquino. Not only that, her salary also had been withheld.

“When she informed Sanchez of her salary deductions for her SSS contributions, Inocencio said Sanchez had ‘repeatedly kept on mouthing at her.’ She said Sanchez failed to deduct and remit her monthly contributions from October to December in 2001, in violation of RA 8282.” (A22. Philippine Daily Inquirer. April 20, 2002.)

When these accusations were brought up to Korina herself, she denied the allegations and stated that Inocencio had stolen jewelry from her, hence the reason for withholding her salary.

And while this case has now been closed for years, the question still remains: if the allegations against Korina are true, did she have the right to hurt Inocencio even if she really did steal jewelry?

I don’t think so. What we have here is a power-tripper in the making. She reminds me of the abusive bosses OFWs have to deal with abroad. Helpless and frightened, these people are subject to abuses of their employers who have the liberty of twisting the truth because they are the ones in power.

I personally believe that deliberate cruelty is the only unforgivable sin. And with the national elections coming closer and closer, it frightens me how a woman such as her could potentially hold so much power if Roxas wins the vice presidency.