Whenever issues regarding the CARP (Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program) come up, do you notice that the people who are always badly affected are the farmers? In Rizal, 100 farming families from Barangay Mascap were kept from the land they deserved. These people, the bread and butter of our nation, the classic hard working Filipino, are made to suffer and for what? You’ll have to ask the owner, Judy Araneta. Judy is Sen. Mar Roxas’ mommy by the way.

The Aranetas originally owned the land in question and farmers like Vicente Rarallo had fought so that they could farm on the 1,645 hectare property. In 1988 the land was claimed and went under the Agrarian Reform, meaning it should have been handed over to the farmers so that they could be more productive and they would not be exploited by hacienderos anymore.

Sadly, this is not what happened because of how greedily the Aranetas fought to keep what they felt was rightfully theirs. How is it that Sen. Mar Roxas could have turned a blind eye towards this? Isn’t this obviously injustice? Yes, in all honesty it must be hard to uphold justice if it means going against your family but as a future Vice President, we need someone who puts the country before anything else, especially in these hard times.