Liberal Party Vice Presidential bet Mar Roxas has been accused of lying by several publications relating to the recently issued Cheaper Medicine Bill. Roxas’ version of the bill has been accused of being elitist and pro-multinational, and might I say, with good reason.

The original bill authored by Iloilo Vice Governor Suplico, contained provisions for a 90% discount on 1500 medicines. Today, the bill is a far cry from its precursor, providing only a 50% discount on a mere 200 medicines. Lipitor, originally costing P44 could have been priced for P4.40 but is now P22. This washed out version was the one propagated by no other than Mar Roxas, who ironically markets himself to the people as pro-poor. The benefiting party in all this should be clear by now: the multinational pharmaceuticals that would be retaining control over the industry. It seems Wharton educated, former JP Morgan banker and scion of the Araneta clan Mar Roxas cannot simply break off from his elitist and capitalist roots.

Still, he incessantly headlines his campaigns with promises of being pro-poor. With this recently uncovered issue, this not only puts into question Mar Roxas’ political credibility, but also the future of our country should he win the vice presidency.