Bienvendio “Noy” Oplas, the president of Minimal Government Thinkers, an independent think tank advocating minimal government, has an interesting thing to say about the Cheaper Medicines Bill. His paper Making Medicines Cheaper: the Role of Innovation, Competition and Taxation is recommended read for anyone who really wants to understand the issues surrounding the so called Cheaper Medicines Bill. Let me point out his conclusion written at the end of his report regarding this Bill, to wit:

When the legislators who are in the frontline now telling the public that their legislation can indeed bring down the prices of medicines, run for the same or higher offices in 2010, they and the public will be in for a big disappointment. And the same legislators who were in the frontline enacting said legislation will be forced to look for another set of scapegoats since the public will ask them why prices of quality and safe medicines are still high.

Hmmm….attention Mar Roxas!