A video taken of ex-President Joseph Estrada voting in San Juan seems to show that he skipped the ballot section on the vice presidentiables. Margaux Salcedo, spokesperson of Estrada, immediately denied this rumor which came at the heels of a supposed rift with running mate, Jejomar Binay.

In her Twitter account, Salcedo posted: “Just spoke with [Estrada] and [San Juan City Mayor JV Ejercito] who was at the precinct with him. There’s a nasty rumor that Erap did not shade [any candidate’s name for] vice president. Not true.”


Gov. Rafael Nantes, who as treasurer of the Liberal Party raised funds for the campaign of Sen. Benigno Aquino III, has been implicated in a large drugs factory complex on Ilicong Island, Quezon that was raided May 6. Quoting this report from the Manila Bulletin, it says:

“PASG Director for Region 13 Philip A. Placer said his agents followed a suspicious shipment that ended in a safehouse in Sitio Sabang, Barangay Judith in Burdeos on Icolong Island and immediately conducted a raid.

The operation comes amid the leaking out of a US Drug Enforcement Agency (USDEA) report three weeks ago that US$8.4 billion (P384 billion) worth of dangerous drugs were ‘either being generated, passes through or is used by drug syndicates in the Philippines,’ he said.

The same report allegedly underscored an alleged link between the thriving drug trafficking business and local politics as the money generated from the internationally-outlawed trade is suspected of fueling campaigns and a massive attempt to cheat the scheduled elections on May 10.

The revelation by US authorities over the palpable impact of “narcopolitics’ in the elections underscore this reality, alongside the discovery of chemicals in making shabu, said Placer.

He said the leadership of Quezon Governor Rafael Nantes must be placed under scrutiny after the discovery of drug transshipments and manufacturing base on the island of Icolong.

“This is an international (drug operations) and it’s happening here in Burdeos. That should raise alarm on the governor here (Nantes), “In fact, there is suspicion on the local government of letting this happen,” said Placer.

The discovery of transshipments in the island stares the nation in the face and the country will become a center for trans-shipment point for high-value drugs, a global supplier and consumer of methamphetamine hydrochloride (shabu).

It raises questions linked to the USDEA report which, essentially, warned of drug money making its way to unscrupulous politicians and making the hotly-contested presidential election susceptible to influence by this massive illegal operations inimical to national security.

Placer as well as well-placed sources from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) said there has been no representation from the Quezon provincial capitol to address the drug threat in the province.

Incidentally, Nantes, a former congressman and who is frequently seen in Metro Manila, is the national treasurer of the Liberal Party whose standard-bearer Senator Benigno Simeon Aquino III happens to be the frontrunner in presidential surveys.

The full transcript of this report can be found in this link:


Once again, presidential aspirant and LP (sometimes called the Lunatic Party) standard bearer Noynoy Aquino has been called “crazy” and this time, by no other than Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales himself. And no, the archbishop did not accompany the statement with a medical report.

Archbishop Rosales was actually referring to Noynoy’s threats of calling for yet another People Power Revolution should he lose the upcoming elections. Based on the surveys, he says, only fraud could make him lose.  The archbishop responded by not only called the statement “crazy”, but also added that it was “irresponsible”.

Inquirer.Net writes,

He said the situation in 1986, when Filipinos turned up in massive numbers to oust a dictator was different from the country’s current condition.

“Why inject that, why infuse that into the present situation?” he said. “Remember at that time there was a dictator and the dictator was there with no real credible election, only referendum, and it was as long as 20 years. Good heavens. Do you repeat that? No, come on, let’s use our head; these are two different things.”

It seems Noynoy has started believing his own propaganda. If Noynoy only has SWS and Pulse Asia surveys to back up his claims of certainty in victory, then he could be in for the biggest disappointment of his life. Perhaps bigger than the disappointment from realizing his receding hairline.

As we’ve discussed in this earlier post, SWS and Pulse Asia, supposedly-esteemed and credible institutions are apparently directed “behind-the-scenes” by relatives and close associates of Noynoy Aquino, namely Rafael Cojuangco Lopa and Antonio “Tonyboy” Cojuangco.

Senatorial aspirant Kit Tatad seems to have picked up on this issue and has come to media as quoted from this article:

Lopa, according to Tatad, was director and president of Pulse Asia until last year when he resigned to camouflage the firm’s support for Aquino’s bid for the presidency, while Cojuangco bankrolled the setting up of Pulse Asia in 1990.
Tatad said it is unusual that former Public Works secretary Jose de Jesus (under the Aquino administration) is an incorporator and director in both Pulse Asia and the SWS.
This suggests that there was a plan from the beginning by the Aquinos to control public opinion polling in the country,” he said.
Frankly, we wouldn’t be surprised.

How Noynoy manages to remain on top of survey polls is perhaps evidence enough to prove that the world is doomed for destruction. This spectacular congruence of unthinking individuals who are so easily swayed by unreliable polls and the prostituted media and the awesomely fabricated facade by Noynoy and his yellow cronies to blind the the people from seeing his more-than-lackluster track record (Wait. Track record? What track record?) has got the thinking half of Philippine society stumped.

An anonymous comment on Noynoy’s official blog goes as follows,

…kay noynoy ako, kasi i think ang magulang ang best na magdedescribe sa anak. Sa kanila siya lumaki eh, meaning yung principles nila, kaparehas din ni noynoy. Just a thought.

And while the typical Anti-Noynoy would say that Noynoy is simply incomparable to modern day heroes Ninoy and Cory, we at Tamang Katotohanan would like to take a different perspective on the issue.

Maybe the Yellow cronies are right. Maybe the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree.

But is that necessarily a good thing?

Definitely not.

As we’ve previously discussed in this entry, the Cojuangcos, starting with Noynoy’s grandfather, Jose Cojuangco Sr., had, for three generations now, continuously promised or was subject by the law, to distribute Hacienda Luisita to the farmers based on the ideal “Land to the Tiller”, and have subsequently failed to deliver on the engagement.

Now, Ronald Roy of the Daily Tribune presents to us a side of the Aquinos, or Noynoy’s paternal side, that questions the heroism of the clan,

See any old folk if you care to know if Benigno Aquino Sr. was a despised traitor to Filipinos during World War ll. I remember my grandfather and his friends telling stories about Ninoy’s father being a “Makapili” undercover agent (a Japanese collaborator) who spied on the secret activities of Filipino guerillas, and that it was for this treasonous behavior that he was often jeered and stoned in public. He was a member of the Philippine puppet government whose son Ninoy and grandson Noynoy would in their respective times be similarly lured into politics.
In this connection, it is interesting to note that certain traits, genetic or otherwise, do run through generations within a family. Don’t voters now have the right to apply the modified aphorism “like lolo, like father, like son?” I now speak from personal knowledge if not with moral certainty: I share the view of countless others that Ninoy Aquino was a ruthless man. To believe what had then become folklore, I had to actually see and hear him brag how some suspected cattle rustlers writhed to death from a poison he had laced their food with.
More horrendous is the lingering widespread suspicion that he purposely did not attend an LP meeting de avance at Plaza Miranda which he was supposed to emcee. Already believable is: Ninoy knew the communists would bomb the makeshift stage at 10 in the evening to annihilate the party’s bigwigs, blame President Ferdinand Marcos for the carnage, and groom him as the sole surviving opposition challenger to the reelectionist Marcos. And where was Ninoy at 10 that night? At an insignificant despedida de soltera — to which I had also been invited — watching the rally on TV and looking fidgety until the grenades exploded shortly past 10.
During the years that followed, Doy Laurel and I would share the same suspicions about Ninoy — until the communists eventually announced the carnage was their handiwork.
Ninoy once urged me to build a private army which the Roys could use to gain political supremacy in Tarlac’s first district. For starters, he offered me half a dozen hitmen and gangsters — probably communists — but I flatly rejected the offer. I told him we were a non-violent family in full support of Danding Cojuangco’s armed struggle to drive the Reds out of the province.
Obviously Ninoy had hoped to intrigue between the Cojuangcos and the Roys in order to gain control of the district; but he failed. It was the same old Machiavellian divide-and-rule tactic which triggered a shootout between the rebel forces of Huk Kumander Alibasbas and those of Huk Kumander Sumulong. From the resulting disarray emerged a unifying commie leader in the persona of Ninoy. The Reds would henceforth remain supportive of Ninoy’s consuming obsession to be president of the country.

The full article can be read here.

It seems political opportunism is a genetic trait passed down the Aquino bloodline, evident in his acceptance of Escudero’s endorsement, which he knew would dwindle the support base of his running mate, Mar Roxas, who stepped down from his presidential bid for Noynoy’s sake. His arrogance, bordering on hubris,  on saying that he’s practically won the elections based on the “will of people” and threatening the populace of another “EDSA Revolution” in case he is not declared as winner does not help to rectify his much-despised reputation… at least, for the thinking half of Philippines society.

Indeed, Noynoy and the biased media have done a wonderful job in polarizing the country. They have conveniently labelled the phenomena as a “battle between good and evil”. Well, we at Tamang Katotohanan prefer to call it “a battle between the mindless and the thinking half Philippine society”.

Things are definitely getting more intense as the national elections approaches. With the elections barely five days from now, even Hitler is being pushed over the edge! That said, this hilarious video that parodies Mar Roxas’ dwindling support base definitely does wonders in cooling anyone’s head down.

Still, despite the humorous atmosphere perpetuated by the video, let’s not forget to read between the lines.

Critics have mindlessly thrown around the term “traditional politician” to describe Noynoy Aquino’s leading rival, Manny Villar. What’s interesting to note however is that Noynoy’s camp has had the bad habit of questioning Villar’s moves and motives without knowing that they are implicating themselves as well.

First, they questioned Villar by asking him how he plans on recouping his “investment” (i.e., his campaign expenses). True, Villar has spent more than Noynoy on political advertisements. Lasy time I checked Villar was at 800 million while Noynoy was only at 500 million. Still, given Villar’s awesome financial capabilities, I don’t think he’d need to “recoup his investment”.

This incessant need of Noynoy to villainize Villar has backfired more than once. For example, Noynoy questioning Villar’s funding only prompted critics to question Noynoy as well where he got his funds. The answer didn’t put Noynoy in a positive light at all as it would later on be revealed that he got his funding from Enrique Razon, one of GMA’s more notorious cronies.

Now, Noynoy supporters have the gall to call Villar a “traditional politician”. Well, based on my understanding of the term “traditional politician”, I’d say someone who comes from an oligarchy and disbands alliances when he has nothing left to gain from the other would fit more into that description. For starters, Noynoy practically inherited his candidacy from his parents. Before Cory died, even his partymates didn’t even bother looking at his direction when searching for their next standard bearer. And did you know that the Aquinos were staunch supporters of GMA until 2005 and that Cory appointed Ampatuan Sr. as OIC mayor back in the 70s?

Then, there’s the issue of Villar using his brother’s death to gain sympathy votes. What about Noynoy who was catapulted onto the pedestal because of the death of his mother? When Cory died, people wore yellow ribbons as a sign of sympathy. Then all of a sudden, wearing one, or any yellow-colored item for that matter now meant you’re a supporter of Noynoy.

Finally, the worst accusation against Villar would have to be the land-grabbing issue supposedly raised by Bulacan farmers whose cause is being “fought for” by Noynoy Aquino. Oh, please. Has must we go over the details of Hacienda Luisita once more?

All that said, ask yourself once more: Who really is the traditional politician?

A commentary by an anonymous writer has been circulating the internet as of the recent. Though unnamed, the writer brings up a lot of valid points, worthy of attention, especially since the elections are just around the corner.

My best friend is an avid Noynoy-Mar shipper. She wears the baller, has the sticker ontherear-endof her car, and wears yellow on Fridays. When I asked her why she supportsthe tandem, she said it was because they represented hope for the Philippines. She goes on to say that the Philippines has been wracked by corruption for so long that political integrity must be an essential trait of the country’s next set ofleaders. This was the only way change could finally make its way to the Philippines, she adds.

And while this well-worded reasoning has worked for millions, I’ve been fortunately taught to question everything I’m told.That said, I am writing this not because I mean to slander Noynoy and Mar but because I feel as if their tandem seems too fantastic. Their campaign reminds me of magic: amazing but nonetheless fake.

Maka-Diyos at pro-poor, these two have been marketed as defining qualities of Noynoy while Mar has taken it upon himself to rechristen himself as Mr. Palengke. What I find odd in all these (aside from the glaring tastelessness of Mar’s nickname!), is how nobody ever bothered questioning the authenticity of these claims for the two are practically scions of elitist society! Just the other day, I was thinking how clever the pairing was. It was as good as a marriage between the Cojuangcos and the Aranetas, those influence-peddling clans who’ve managed to hold ownershipof their lands despite the fact that CARP was passed into law decades ago. And to think these are the same people who consistently hurl accusations toward Villar saying he isn’t tunaynamahirap!

Let’s also not forget the E-VAT Law, authored by Senator Mar Roxas in 2003, which put an extra 12% on the cost of all our expenditures, including our most basic necessities. Notwithstanding, the idea behind the E-VAT had been a noble one (i.e., raising government revenue so as increase funding for healthcare, public infrastructures, etc.). However, a quick look at status quo would clearly show that things have not turned out the way Mar intended them to be.Perhaps we now know where PGMA got the money for her fancy steak dinner party?

Have we been given a glimpse of the obliviousness and selfishness of the arrogant elitist class or must we wait for Kris Aquino to utter, “Let them eat cake” before we realize the pitfall we have dug ourselves?

With an administration such as ours, politics is too easy. A candidate must only declare himself as opposition and he instantly has the entire populace at his side.Marcos was corrupt, so Aquino was the solution. Estrada was corrupt, so Arroyo was the solution. And now that we hate Arroyo’s guts, here comes Noynoy and Mar, claiming to be “opposition” and we have hoards of people willing to eat up everything they say.Never mind that Noynoy has practically done nothing in his 12 years in Congress and the Senate. Never mind thatNoynoy and Mar are practically the face of elite society. What’s important is they’ll be sending GMA to jail, right?

And while I have nothing against retribution for soon-to-be-ex-president GMA, I just have to ask: what happens afterwards? If Noynoy’s track record is any indication of what to expect from his presidency, then Philippines, start familiarizing yourselves with the word “stagnate”.

They say Noynoy would not dare tarnish the reputation of the Aquinos. Ironically, the same people said the exact same thing about Gloria, daughter of the late President DiosdadoMacapagal, otherwise known as the Incorruptible. The lesson here?First, not all desirable traits can be passed down the gene pool. Second and more importantly, a father’s son is not his father.

When I was a freshman at UP Diliman, I interviewed Professor Edmund Tayao, a renowned political analyst, for a history project and asked him if he believed there was still “hope” for the Philippines. His answer slightly embarrassedme as he laughed and said, “Hope is the only cheap and accessible thing we can have as a people, but to tell you frankly, it’s not too far in the future that a good number of us would also lose it!”

I don’t mean to diminish the hope inside you. What I do hope to achieve by all this however, is to raise a simple question: are Noynoy and Mar really worth elevating to the pedestal?
Don’t vote for someone because of what they haven’t done. Vote for leaders who’ve actually earned it. Examine the choices and pick a set of leaders who would not just give hope, but would actually deliver.

I hope you make the right decision. ü